PHP enable for apache

PHP is disabled in user home directories by default, so if you are testing from public_html it doesn’t work. Check /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php7.0.conf # Running PHP scripts in user directories is disabled by default # # To re-enable PHP in user directories comment the following lines # (from to .) Do NOT set it to On as … Continue reading

NTFS mount issue in Ubuntu

I have dual boot system with Ubuntu 14.04 and windows 8. All my executions and work is carried out in ubuntu end, so the drives of the windows act as the storage for all my static files.Today I wanted to access my files on the windows drive from ubuntu end, but I got the error … Continue reading

How to install LAMP

Originally posted on Jaspreet Kaur Sarao:
Type the following commands in terminal: $sudo apt-get install apache2 Then type y $sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 Type y $sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-server Type y After this fill the password as username ‘root’ then press Tab then press space to select ok $sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin press…

Inline Function in C++

Inline Function is a function that requests the compiler to do inline expansion. In other words, where in normal functions, upon call of a function the execution of the function goes to the definition of the function, in inline function, compiler insert the complete body of the function in every place that the function is … Continue reading

Bluetooth error in Ubuntu

I am happily using ubuntu 12.10 on my system but lately I got to know that I am unable to send the files from my system to any phone or any other system. When trying the same I get following error. Luckily I got a solution and managed to do my work. God bless command … Continue reading

No module named simple (Django)

Upgrading an application from lower Django version to upper can be a problem when it carries with a lot many errors with it. This usually occurs when we migrate from Django 1.4.* to Django 1.5.*. This is usually because Django 1.5 and plus totally supports class based views, so with this come some changes in … Continue reading

No module names Image (Django)

When developing a Django application, you may require to have a field where you ask the user to upload an image and this image is ought to be stored in database. But Whoop!!.. you can’t move further because you have got an error that says “No module named Image”. This can be easily solved using … Continue reading

How Django Framework works?

For a newbie, understanding the working of Django framework and importance of each file in the application is quite difficult. When making an application one need to have following things: Django & MySQL installed. Apache configured with application. Basic knowledge and understanding of Python. When building a module in an application one should have understanding … Continue reading

Extending a base file in Django

Recently I was in need to have a code that could enable the extending of base file in other template files depending on type of user logged in into the site. This basically is used when we want different different look of site for different types of users. Following are the methods which I used … Continue reading