Making Presentation in Latex-beamer

Once the latex-class Beamer is installed, you are definitely ready to start your first presentation!!!

Presentation made in beamer is very eye-catching and also on other hand is very easy to make.To start with making of this presentation you just need to know the basic syntax.Rest whole of your presentation depends in the content you put in it and your way to present it.To start with it let me make you know a basic presentation in beamer.

\title[TCC Automation]{Working with Django \\ Open Street Mapping}
\author{Sandeep Kaur}
\institute{Dept. of Information Technology}
\date{July 01,2011}
\item<2-> Django
\item<3-> Polls application
\item<5-> OpenStreetMap
\section{Polls Application}
\section{Thank you}

Here in this presentation I have used the theme as Bergen.You can change it with any other.Then same as in latex I have separate .tex files and I have input them in this file.I have also included images in the file using simple code.


We can use \itemize or \enumerate to represent unordered or ordered list.

Thus this is indeed a very good method of making a presentation.

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