To convert CMYK format to RGB using Adobe Distiller

When we want our material printed then printer usually demands to have our material in CMYK format.

Following are the steps you can follow in order to do the same :

1.) See whether your PDF file generated is cmyk or not. To do so, follow
these steps :-
->Import your file in corel draw or open it with corel draw.
->Now go to File > Document properties
->This will open the properties of file inserted.
->Go for checking the primary colour and embedded colours.
->If these show cmyk, then your PDF file is good for printing purposes and
is cmyk.
->If  not, then you should go for other alternative as described below.

2.) Now get an adobe Distiller on your system, if its there then its fine.
-> Now open your .ps file ( that need to be converted to cmyk ) or import
it in Adobe distiller.
-> Then do changes as followed :
IMAGES–change all Download and Compression fields to OFF and 150 pixels >
300 pixels.
FONTS– no change
Color– Under color Management Policies, change this field to > Convert
All Colors to CMYK
ADVANCED– no change
STANDARDS– no change
(Also refer to standard file for more referance)

3.) After making all these changes, save them and press OK . This would
change your .ps file to .pdf file in CMYK color format . You can now
import any number of files in distiller and just by pressing ‘OK’ it
will change all the settings of your file and convert it into cmyk pdf.

4.) This .pdf file in cmyk format need to be checked in corel draw to get
assured whether it is CMYK or RGB. So import the above generated pdf
in corel draw and follow the above procedure (described in step 1) to

Hope after following these steps you will be able to have the desired results. 🙂


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