Change Background image in Gimp

Changing background image in gimp is a very easy work. Follow following steps :

  • Open the image, of which the background you want to change, with Gimp (our open source image editor).
  • Choose a selecting tool like free select tool or scissor select tool ( I would prefer scissor select) and make the boundary of the image out of it, like done in snapshot below.selecting the boundary

After making all the selection go to select > Feather in main menu bar of Gimp. Then make the feather selection to 10 or 15.

Feather select

Now after making the Feather select, go to Select in main menu bar and a drop down menu will appear. On this menu select Invert option. This will invert all the selection made by you and thus the background of the image get selected.

Now, go to Layer in main menu bar and click it, this will show a drop-down menu. Then go to Transparency > Add alpha channel in this menu. Upon clicking this transparency get switched on.

Now press Delete button on your keyboard and your background of image get transparent.

Transparency background

Now next step is to right click and drag the image (which you want to set as background) on the the edited image. Do as follows :

Click and drag the image

This will open the new image in the same Gimp window. Now click on the Down arrow symbol made on the channels, Path window on the right side. This will make the image visible above the background image.

Then scale the images so that both he images merge together in a form to look like an original image.

Image placed over the other

Now save your image withe .png extension.

Finally you have edited the background of your image.


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