Terminal is really goood……

Many people say that they don’t like command line as compared to working on graphical mode. But I love using it (though sometimes :-P). Terminal amaze me with its advantages to solve my errors. Hence my liking for it increase.

What happened today was that when I was working on my project, the url of page was not matching and thus browser could not show any result. The url provided by me was correct and I could not see any visible error. So then I decided to open the url through browser. When I applied the command cd (change directory ) and then the folder name using tab. The terminal showed different spelling of the folder than the name used by me in url. This spelling mistake was not simply visible. After seeing this error I corrected and then came out of it with my application running smoothly.

Thus in this way a small silly mistake made me waste a lot of my time and then terminal sorted my problem………….


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