Building Genesis’12 ‘s website

What a great feeling was that, when I got to know that I am member of website committee of genesis’12 (a techno-cultural premier of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana). Genesis is a techno-cultural fest of the college, which is organised every year, to bring accross the brilliant minds and brains of the college. In order to provide the interface of students to the organisers of he fest, a website is built. Like every year, this year also, an interview was held by Dr. Hardeep Singh Rai(dean, TCC, Gndec).
This was my first time I was part of this committee.

Now a website commitee was built with members of 14. All were good in different fields and due to their variety of skills, they had been offered membership. Though there was a trouble in throat, that a working website had to be built in 1 day. You read Just 1 day. But when deadline is near you just can’t even wait to take a single breath. I salute everyone for their breathless efforts as everyone wanted to give maximum of their contribution in website. Due to very small time, the whole team was divided into two-Designing the website and developing website.

We know, when different tastes combine, it leads to either a very tasty dish or a tastless dish. Here we got a tastless experience, as no one wanted the website in a way, some other thought it should be. I mean to say, there was lack of cooperation, convinience and communication. Due to absence of these 3 C’s, the website was suffering. At that time our most awarding and respectful, Rai sir handled the situation and guided us in bringing up a good website. I edited some images, made banner for website, changed the home page of website to the look all of us wanted it to be. Other members were up with the landing page, database of website, log in and regisTration of students, for different events and then getting out the result. And Pheww!!! the website was up within 2 days. A feeling of happiness and satisfaction could be felt on everyone’s face. It was all because of everyone’s desire to do the work.

And yess… I forgot to tell you one thing, I and some of the team members were allotted the designing part of website. We tried hard to be up with landing page till evening. And when we were up with it, it was not rated good by other team mates and then another landing page was selected. All of us got dissappointed, but did not allow our negative feelings to burden over us. And then we tried even harder to come up with more better. Thus I got to learn, it is not always that only your work is best, some other may also come up with something better ;). Make positive environment around you and you will get what you want. (y)

The feeback to the website was very good everyone praised our work. With the grace of Almighty, guidance of Dr. H.S Rai, and coordination and cooperation of team members we were able to achieve our goal. A heartful thanks to all.

Thank you and keep coding 😉

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