Free and Open Source Softwares depict different meaning to all. Free to all, means that it is free of cost. For sure it is free, but most importantly it means “freedom to speak”, that means you are free to explore it, develop it, configure it or distribute it, irrespective of proprietary softwares.  Open Source to some might signify that it is not licensed, however GNU GPL qualifies as an open source license (to prohibit proprietization of the software). Programmers who contribute to open source, voluntarily write and exchange the code of the software. Here, you have the freedom to customize the things according to you and then distribute it to others. Documenting, along with writing code, serves as a topping on your chocolate cake which will serve a delicious dish in front of your users. Software development give you a feeling of self  recognition and a feeling of pride. Moreover this polishes your expertize. As a programmer, contributing to a software is a great establishment and you will be rewarded for it at some time, in your life.

If you feel that proprietary software are powerful, then tell me, how they can be powerful if they don’t respect the freedom of its users. The users are bounded by ropes there. They are spied, restricted to upgrades and even bounded to use the features. You don’t have any freedom to modify, distribute the software or even the see the code else you will be caught doing illegal actions.

However, when contributing to FOSS, you will be recognized for your efforts. Moreover, the Google is now organizing “Google Summer of Code”. In this the Google reward all the contributers to Open Source a huge sum of 2.5 lacs for 3 months. Now see, the world is recognizing the power of Open Source, then why you are lagging behind.

“Be a Programmer in Real sense, else use Proprietary Software. The choice is all yours “

Cheers!!! 🙂


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