NTFS mount issue in Ubuntu

I have dual boot system with Ubuntu 14.04 and windows 8. All my executions and work is carried out in ubuntu end, so the drives of the windows act as the storage for all my static files.Today I wanted to access my files on the windows drive from ubuntu end, but I got the error that goes as :

Error mounting /dev/sdb3 ...
status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).
Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.
Failed to mount '/dev/sdb3': Operation not permitted
The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown
Windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting), or mount the volume
read-only with the 'ro' mount option.

After a lot of efforts finding the solution to solve this problem and to fix this I finally could solve this problem by executing following command in the terminal :

 $ sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda3

Here sda2 can be replaced by any drive you want to mount and are unable to mount.


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