6 Months Training

14 May’12 Monday:

  • Implemented 2 modules in TCC software in the main server of TCC –    TDS amount and suspence clearance report without transport.
  • Helped Daman with Polls application.

15 May’12 Tuesday :

  • Analyzed the tables of TCC software to know how they can be interconnected.
  • Also analyzed whether there’s a need of normalization of tables as it normally takes a lot of time of retrieve data from database.
  • Gone through all the normal problems which occur to newbies while installing TCC software.
  • Also gone through polls application application of django. I will soon post a documentation and script for polls application.

16 May’12 Wednesday :

  • Installed whole new Linux on my laptop. Felt really fresh and new on installing it. But also got to do lot of other installations. Installed all the major things like Django, Gimp, ssh, Github, CVS, vim, geany, G++ and many more things.
  • Uploaded new version of TCC software on sarovar using CVS. the only commands I used were :
cd ~/.ssh/
gedit id_rsa.pub
export CVS_RSH=ssh
export CVSROOT=:ext:sandy@cvs.automation.sarovar.org:/cvsroot/automation
cvs co MN
cd TCC11-12
cvs import -m "updated version" tcc11_12/dir tcc start
cvs checkout tcc11_12
cvs rtag Release_2 automation

I will explain these later on in my post.

17 May’12 Thursday :
There was a need to have a serial number on the template tables of TCC software. I successfully added them  by using following syntax in templates-

<td>job.No </td>

{% if client %}
{% for clients in client %}
<td>{{ clients.job_no}}</td>
<td> {{ clients.date }}</td>
<td >{{clients.amount }}</td>

Then Bhagwant sir asked me to do a lot many changes in software to be implemented in future. Some of them are :
Make the field choices dynamic.
make suspence clearance register.
make transport register.
I started looking to solve them.

18 May’12 Friday :

  • Wanted to have a presentation just like prezi but open source and also offline. So I got Suzi, Inscape vector graphical editor. I installed it and started to know how it work. Also made a small presentatio with it.
  • Then also created ER Diagrams with MySQL Bench software for TCC softwares and studied its shortcomings.

19 May’12 Saturday :

  • Installed webERP software on the laptop with the configuration they provided that means demo database installation.
  • Installed alpine , pine mailing system on my system and configured it with my Gmail account, but it was not properly configured so was not connecting to my account.
  • Looking over its solution.

20 May’12 Sunday :

  • H.S. Rai sir told me to study whole weberp package, understand its working and configure it to run  TCC on it.
    Frankly speaking, it is a very huge software to study, full of php scripts.
    I am assured if I will be able to understand it completely I will learn php.
    Still going through it all.

22 May’12 Tuesday :

  • Installed Apache Offbiz on my system.
  • Searched for configuring weberp with our software.
  • Helped Jaspreet, for making the certificates in latex and configuring it with database.

23 May’12 Wednesday :

  • Made  the certificate layout for workshop on ‘Learning Content Management system’ in Gimp.
  • Helped other members with the installation of Apache offbiz.
  • Discussed problems with Jagdeep sir regarding TCC and deployment of ERP in TCC.

24 May’12 Thursday :

  • Made and delivered the presentation on TCC software development.
  • Watched lot of motivational videos.
  • My health declined, as I reached hostel, so could not do anything else.

26 May’12 Saturday :

  • Had presentation of many members of GD. Got to learn many new things like scripting using sed.
  • Solved the problem of TCC lab report module,  for all the entries under other_field

27 May’12 Sunday :

  • Made some changes in weberp software.
  • Made a logo for TCC.

4 June’12 Monday :

5 June’12 Tuesday :

  • Rai sir made me incharge of TCC team.
  • I allocated work to the members to be done for configuration of weberp Software.

6 June’12 Wednesday :

  • Discussed, how to proceed with implementation of Weberp in TCC with my team members.
  • Made an ERP diagram for weberp software.
  • Added Tax group and Tax authorities eith the rate in erp software.
  • Planned how to work further with teammates.

7 June’12 Thursday :

  • We organized an LUG  meeting cum workshop for 1st and 2nd year. It was to motivate the students to OSS and programming. It was a very good even indeed . I shared few words on FOSS and advantages of programming in computer engineers life. Daman shared his experience on Linux and windows. Them cam the seminars by Jaspreet, Priyanka, Harman, Devinder and Gagan. Everyone shared their knowledge in there respective fields. Then like “Great things are spared for the last”. Dr. Hardeep Singh Rai, our respected sir, shared very motivational and inspiring words with us all. I could not afford to miss it. These words were so influential, that meeting went successful and all the students were ready to move to OSS for the rest of their life.
  • Then again back to weberp.

8 June’12 Friday :

  • Added Labs and the fields for corresponding labs in weberp.
  • Then wanted to add the staff members in software but could not find anything related to it.
  • Got permission from sir to go home. Was very happy. 🙂

9,10 June’12 Saturday, Sunday :

  • All I did in these 2 days was rest and enjoy.

11 June’12 Monday :

  • Understood all the customer registration module and then configured and modified it according to our need. Also studied at backhand the files and how these are connected to database.

12 June’12 Tuesday :

  • Gave presentation on weberp, its features and our work on it.
  • Also worked on Job entry module.
  • Rai Sir, explained how to plot a horizontal sine wave in cpp using arrays and scaling. Got to learn many things from it.
  • Solved the printer issue by adding to IP’s to the system.

13 June’12 Wednesday :

  • Was a very beautiful day. First of all solved, the job registration module at TCC server which showed duplicacy error. This was solved by dropping the related tables and then importing them again.
  • Again solved some tada test_date issue. This was solved as by making changes in views.reuse.py file which I was ignoring before.
  • Planned whole full flegde plan to make report in weberp.
  • Got to know that staff members can be added in weberp through salesperson and this we can configure according to our need.

14 June’12 Thursday :

  • Did some work on TCC server related to TCC Software. Made some changes in views.reuse.py, choice.py, forms.py, other_charge_report_no_transport.html
  • Made a fresh install of weberp software on localhost as well as on experimental with new tables.
  • Got to know about include(), require(), include_once() and require_once() constructs in php. All thanks to Rai sir conducting such seminars.
  • Helped Rishabh with his scripting work.

15 June’12 Friday :

  • Actually configured salespeople module and also implemented in weberp.
  • Started adding the labs and fields in stock category and item module.

16 June’12 Saturday :

17 June’12 Sunday :

  • Worked till late night as I got task to design the cover page for college diary.

18 June’12 Monday :

  • Showed my diary cover designs to sir. He liked them but he was also expecting a little more professional and more designs. So got to work more.
  • Asked Rai sir about the problem are getting in adding the labs and fields. He asked us to move a little more into the coding.

20 June’12 Wednesday:

  • Got to know how javascript is working its magic in weberp. Now only proble is I don’t get to know how the software get awared that the browser is javascript enabled or not.

21 June’12 Thursday:

  • Looked into some coding part of weberp.
  • Helped Navdeep little bit in making a wordpress website.
  • Made some plans about the trip as I was very much excited.

22 June’12 Friday:

  • Left Ludhiana at about 4:30 AM for trip to Rajgarh. Really it was a very memorable trip.

23 June’12 Saturday:

  • Had returned back from trip at 3:00 AM and then slept at 5. So was very much tired. The only thing I did that was sleeping, washed clothes and saw the trip snaps.

24 June’12 Sunday:

  • My papa had asked me to make some sort of logo in Gimp. So made that. Also edited some trip photographs.
  • Also went to college Gurudwara sahib.

25 June’12 Monday:

  • Tried hard and at least solved the problem we were getting in adding customers and branches due to Salespeople module in Weberp. Got a sigh of relief.
  • Wanted to configure the receipt module in weberp, so tried to understand its coding.

26 June’12 Tuesday:

  • All the files I got to know, that are related to Receipt module are Recieptclass.php and customerreceipt.php, but I am still not getting how to configure it accoring to our need.
  • Read the php file made by vigas for limesurvey. Its very interesting.

27 June’12 Wednesday :

  • Got to know how receipt can be chnaged according to our need.
  • Left for home.

2 July’12 Monday :

  • Made changes in Receipt module of weberp.
  • Decided how to make changes in report as the requirement of TCC.

3 July’12 Tuesday :

  • Finally Rai sir made the decision that we should not move with weberp further but should make the software from scratch.
  • Made a whole big plan for making a new software and how should we move further.

4 July’12 Wednesday :

  • Started new aaplication in django.
  • Installed registration module and made it working.
  • Designed some tables.

5 July’12 Thursday :

  • Designed all TCC tables.
  • Understood all the work flow of old software in detail.
  • Got to know how can we have the top panel of desktop back if deleted accidently in ubuntu 10.04. This can be done by :
    gconftool-2 -shutdown
    rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel
    pkill gnome-panel
  • Made banner for igs ludhiana chapter website. Also made some changes in it.

6 July’12 Friday :

  • Learned how to make sketches from the images in Gimp.
  • Then I wanted to shape the design for my tables for better understanding. I did it with Mysql bench but I wanted to do it with design module in phpmyadmin. But unfortunately my deign module was disable. So I enabled it using a link on Google.

7 July’12 Saturday :

  • Made the tables for automation software. I know some more additions are required but this is just starting. So made models for them.

9 July’12 Monday :

  • I had made the structure as well as design of new automation project. So went for reviews from Rai sir. But he asked lot many questions. He wanted to know where should we set permissions for our staff, as a group or for individual user. So did a study on it, and at last concluded that it would be better to define permissions in a group.
  • Then also decided how different views should differ with different type of users.

10 July’12 Tuesday :

  • Started making view of new TCC.
  • Sir gave me a work of php which was related to applying mysql queries in php. It also had arrays and many more php functions. So got to learn a lot of things. Was a very cool experience learning php.

13 July’12 Friday :

  • Helped satvir and Mandeep in making program for making seating plan program in C++. It was associated with applying loops and conditions in C++.

14 July’12 Saturday :

  • Solve Rishabh’s sed problem to get the string replacement for exact word or character. Got a good solution for it.  ‘s/<\abc\>/xyz’. This will replace exact ‘abc’ word from a file, no less, no gretaer.
  • Made a blog application in yii framework.
  • Helped juniors with solving problems in presentation in latex beamer presentation.

16 July’12 Monday :

17 July’12 Tuesday :

  • Helped rimpy in making her blog application.
  • There was a need to make changes in a php file (to include email and some other field in it), so got to know where to make changes.
  • As the sms service airtel service was not working, I called airtel customer care guys. THey told that due to some reasons, the number was barred from sending sms’s. However I did not ask them the reasom for same. Then I googled to know reason why they barr the numbers from sending sms’s, but I got only customers complaints and promises to solve them :-/.

18 July’12 Wednesday :

  • Solved my views problem. If we want to use the inbuilt user table of django we need to use ‘request.user’
  • Made catalog for services provided at TCC, but m not satisfied with it. Need to improve it.

19 July’12 Thursday :
The desired catalog was not made. So completed making catalog module which consisted of having dynamic options based on the selection of lab and materials.

23 July’12 Monday :
Made a userprofile module where customer can add his personal information and can also check the profile.

24 July’12 Tueday :
Now its to add ‘add_job’ module. BUt ahve a great confusion that what about his job and how easily he can fill it. Thus according to that we needed to re organise the databse tables. Made plan for divdig the labs, fields in acoordance to material selection. But its not finalised yet.

25 July’12 Wednesday :
Today I made form for add_job, in which am  able to get the drop down values from database. Now all I want is dynamic drop down lists.

26 July’12 Thursday :
Did tagging in django but it is still awaited to be applied in our project.
Still couldn’t get desired results out of having dynamic drop down lists in django. 😦

6 August’12 Monday :
Made a local website in wordpress on my localhost.
Edited some images to be used in website.

7 August’12 Tuesday :
Tried using Javascript and ajax to make dynamically filtered drop down. Also took help from Vigas, but could not resolve the problem of how to carry out the relationship between python and javascript

8 August’12 Wednesday :
Implemented tagging module in our project.
Improved my catalog module.
Helped sukhdeep with working with CSS in django.

9 August’12 Thursday :
Made a search module which also worked with tags.
Made a plan, for how to move further with add job module.
Only installed catalog module, but did not make it working, waiting for daman’s success in it.
Helped daman with his problem in catalog module.
Helped sukhdeep and made the developing project work properly on her system.

10 August’12 Friday :
Learned how to make scripts or work in batch mode of gimp and then made a threshold script too.
Also made a sketch scrip but did not get desirable result out of that, will improve it very sson.
Added django cart module in project but getting problems in its implementation.
Made an addjob module with checkboxes but the form values does not get saved in database

11 August’12 Saturday :
Today Davinder motivated everyone with his all experience at his company. It was nice having discussion with him.
Jaspreet described her work in diary making in latex to all of us.
Then vigas also explained us that how dhould we work as a freelancer.
Using the search module made a form for adding the job, which contain check boxes and drop down but the form does not save the values in database. 😦

13 August’12 Monday :
Finally added user through request.user i.e without selecting through drop down.
Added amount module, through which the client get the amount of money on selecting the material and tests.

14 August’12 Tuesday :
Installed Gimp 2.8 (new version of gimp) on my laptop. Its cool has got many new features in it.
Mapped the character objects and made spheres in gimp.
Started working on session and cache in django. Read some tutorials, wrote its code in the project but still am unclear how to get the maximum help out of it in django.

15 August’12 Wednesday :
Independance Day 😀

16 August’12 Thursday :
Jagdeep sir reviwed the whole software, gave some tips to follow.
Added the css file made by daman to the project, now tcc software has got some looks. 🙂
Made a correct python file to be used in javascript function, but it did not function well as later I realised that we cannot run python file directly like php, it can be done through vies only.

17 August’12 Friday :
Finally made dynamic drop downs without javascript with some help of satinder.
Resolved the problem with session key. Now I can add session key as foreign key in any table.

22 August’12 Wednesday :
Discussed some problems related to bill, receipt and voucher making in the software. We discussed it with Bhagwant sir and Rai sir. Rai sir told me to make one bill and receit for one job and vouchers for all different materials that are to be tested. I started with the calculations work. First deeply undertsood the work related to routine, individual and institutional ratios and then added this funcionally to the project. I gave an aptitude trial test orgnized by TCS. it was nice. Then Inderjeet gave his presentation on witty. The presentation was awesome.

23 August’12 Thursday :
I was still confused, that where should I make the form entries submit in database, where all the taxes calculations should be done and where the ratios need to be calculated. Then I made whole work flow for making the bill, receipt and voucher. I decide to save the job entry, and tax calculation on same click. Today, Harman and Vigas declared that they have started a company named ‘CSIOM’. It is nice to know that GD members are themsleves going for startups.

24 August’12 Friday :
Finally with nearly all the tables required for doing calculations made, I was finally able to make the bill and receipt. But there was still problem in making the vouchers.

25 August’12 Saturday :
There was a LUG seminar today on LaTeX. Jaspreet gave the presentation. It was a very good seminar as all the LUG members equally supported each other in the discussion. It was nice to see such a good response by audience. At the end Rai sir gave a very motivational speech. Then the project work started. I had asked satinder to do the work on problem in saving Dynamic filtered checkboxes. Seeing him unable to do it. I myself tried doing it. But I myself was getting lot many hurdles. So posted my problem on GD and Django mailing list, but got no solution.

27 August’12 Monday :
Was having some problems in getting the vouchers of same Jobs, but I was soon able to solve it. Finally completed with making reports, bill and receipt with the software. So decided to show my progress Rai sir. But unfortunately, the software ceased to work in front of sir. As it was my birthday today, so everyone surprised me with my birthday cake. A very amazing feeling.
Then further checked for the mistakes in software.

28 August’12 Tuesday :
Showed the progress to Bhagwant sir. He was happy to see this. Also showed the progress to Rai sir, though I felt he was unhappy to see it. Then there was problem in TCC, related to the server. So we had to put our hands in networking. Verified all the internet wires from were they come and were they go. Then I helped Jaspreet and Karamvir in the work related to there project. Then we had a meeting with Jagdeep sir and Rai sir. Discussed all the problem I am facing in the software. They provided me with some help. Then we had a team meet of my project members. We distributed work amongst us.

29 August’12 Wednesday :
My problem related to saving the values of dynamic drop down was still not solved. I was so tensed by having it stretched for so long. Then I went to Jagdeep sir. He advised me to to reduce the complexity of coding. I did this but was still not able to pin point where I was going wrong. So went to Rai sir. He asked me to make a simple form in django that can input the checkbox values and show it on next page. I started doing it. After spending whole day on it, I finally got the solution that I was making a mistake of not passing the valued to checkbox options. Finally I can now have the filtered checkboxes that have there values saved in the database. Relieved after having solved the problem.

30 August’12 Thursday :
Implemented my solution on the project. Also helped Jaspreet with her copping image option but she was getting lot many options. I asked her to make a simple addition application. Today Rai sir kicked most of us members out of GD. A very sad news indeed.

31 August’12 Friday :
The previous work done module is added today. Then the staff members based on the materials selected also are printed on the form. Today TCS needed to have a check on our data they had, so went there, it took a lot of time there. Then we also had some discussion on C++ basics, which was really very great.

1 September’12 Saturday :
In TCC, the whole testing data for year 2010-11 was required, so using php file, I fetched all the data on a table.
The choicefield of the addjob form need to be rendered on template as drop down, so was trying putting it, but each time I did it shows valued as text only. So decided to put the choicefield values in database.

3 September’12 Monday :
Made presentation on whole of my progress upto now as Rai sir gave us only that way to enter GD. Found may readymade scripts in Gimp.

4 September’12 Tuesday :
Solved the problem related to taking the values in drop down on template form from database. Helped Satinder with the forms in Django. Done with small transport module (not complete) made by sukhdeep on my laptop.

5 September’12 Wednesday :
It was Teachers day today. Had a great celebration today and that followed by some discussions with Rai sir. Helped Jaspreet with making the database of brochure. Learnt making the videos using pitvi editor.

7 September’12 Friday :
Made a poster for event of LUG. Searced many links on Universal Data models and how to implement it in my project.Got yo know how it can be used but found no repository of it.

10 September’12 Monday :
The suspence register which I made earlier had 2 fields missing. The required the addition of variables in the templates itself. So after a long search found the method for doing the same. Planned the things that how the suspence module need to be made.

11 September’12 Tuesday :
I want to have the maps in my project as the part of the form so that on one click on the map the address and the distance of the site from college get filled into database. Then found some links related to them. Tried 2 of the methods but with that only the map get displayed without any editor or mark. Then I read some links on wordpress and got many things clarified. Then we had a senior members meet and planned the things.

12 September’12 Wednesday :
Tried 2 more methods for having maps in django. One was geodjango and other was gmapi. With geo django I got all the data related to world boundaries including latitude and longitude displayed at admin end withou map. But thats not what I want :-/. Then in gmapi, it had the map widget in the form, which serve as editor to point the address. But I did not get the desired results. Had LUG meet with junior members. Discussed on the plans of interviews that are to be conducted in LUG. The there was the presentation of Satinder. We had very good discussion after then related web 2 and many such healthy topics.

14 September’12 Friday :
Suspence register made have not gone right as it has made the template loding very heavy, so system loading goes slow. So for temperory usage I am making this in php. I made all the file with correct result excep that I ma uable to add the field of different tables.’Then helped Satinder with his report related problem. Helped Harman by making an image for his vigilance website.
There was a presentation today by Satvir on Makefile. It was good but got really confused about the flags used in it.

15 September’12 Saturday :
I don’t know why am unable to do the things I planned. The django map work is still pending. “When you think somethink can go wrong, it will go wrong” is again proved right today as at some time I thought that not using javascript can cause problem and it has now. I now want smart select for selecting state and the based on that select city. Now I think I should move in the other way in suspence as maps is taking a lot of time. So I think I should try it some time later. NO I will use database for the same.

16 September’12 Sunday :
Planned the things to be done and the database modification too. This left me with new confusion which I will clarify by taking Bhagwant sir’s help. Learnt many new things like corn, which is a task scheduling tool. Did some image editing for fun 😉

17 September’12 Monday :
We took interviews of LUG in 2 shifts. So it was hectic schedule today.
Also did the whole suspence clearance register module in php.

18 September’12 Tuesday :
discussion with sir..
thought of making the different database wrt transportation.

19 September’12 Wednesday :
Main register was making problem. Did it by dividing it into small parts.
Helped Jasleen in making her program.

20 September’12 Thursday :
Again started working on maps in django with daman. Inderpreet helped us a lot with it. We got the required api and gto to know how can I make it work on my software.

21 September’12 Friday :
Finally done with maps app and pushing its value to database. Du to change of the code done for suspence mosule, the general report module started giving error. So settled all the things back.
Planned for tommorow’s first this session’s LUG freshers meet.

22 September’12 Saturday :
It was first Lug meet with freshers. I addressed them with knowlege of FOSS and how we can become rich with it. We also had GD meet with sir. Rai sir told to do all the map part using osm. So started searching for osm api similar to that of Google’s osm. Rai sir suggested with OSRM project. Downloaded India map data.

23 September’12 Sunday :
Compiled the OSRM project completly, but when I run the server for running th eproject it says “400 Bad request”. I searched for it but did not find any satisfying solution. Then got to know about history brush in gimp. Did some editing in gimp.

24 September’12 Monday :
Got another web based osrm project. That was an easy one and got the osm map running with distance and direction. But this uses a lot of javascript so it was hard connecting it with database. So we decided to work on it later on. I continued with my work on suspence. With addition of new module my functioning of old module also started giving error, so am trying solving all of them. Helped Daman and Satinder to do work on Report and plan the things to have smooth working. Then had seminar by navdeep on her project on sms sending api.

01 October’12 Monday :
I have made the suspence module but this has created a lot of trouble and now there is problem in generation od bill and receipt in even general report module. Asked Daman to make the installation script for the software.

02 & 03 October’12  :   Took leave and went to home.

04 October’12 Thursday :
Done with the suspence and clientjob bill and receipt which was creating problem earlier. Now both can seperately work except that the suspence work with that of cheque and online need to be done. Daman has made most of his script, so got review of his script and how he used arrays in it. Went to GND polytechnical college to introduce students about the open source and linux.

05 October’12 Friday :
The problem with the generation of reports was solved but this made the code very redundant. I did not liked that at all. So I redesigned the database structure for easy implementation.
Harman described his problem about making of box in brlcad with the help of various files and script. He explained all the work flow and function flow in it. We all gave his suggestion to reduce the number of files inn the process. Then mandeep explained us the working of Make file. I understood that but still unable to understand about the flags used.

06 October’12 Saturday :
It was LUG members meet today. So discussed with them all about the events and duties assigned to each for organising the event.
Reveised my some changed tables designed and made a whole flow of that on blackboard to make myself very clear and then move forward with programming. I am now using 2 forms in the single template, that was new to me and also very interesting.

07 October’12 Sunday :
When using 2 forms in the template getting some problems, but I am moving forward by solving it.
Read some tutorial on c++ and made some basics concept on it clear.

08 October’12 Monday :
It was path today in College Gurudwara Sahib. So was there in the morning, but then came back to TCC in the evening.
It is done with tha general report and is pending with suspence one. I, mistake deleted my database and need to fill it once again. 😦
We had an awesome discussion among GD members about our passion and how should we pursue it.

09 October’12 Tuesday :
I showed the bill generated by software to Bhagwant sir. He told me to make some changes in it. Then Rai sir saw my work regarding bill and receipt generation. Working more hard to completely get accurate results.
Daman described his software installation script to all of us. I find it good and working very fine.
As we are going to organise 2 LUG events, so had to prepare that. Got print outs of the posters of the events and got it pasted at various places in college.

10 October’12 Wednesday :
Getting problem in producing multiple reports for a job. Solving it. Helped sukhdeep with her problem regarding the software. Inder was going to give seminar on how to make your own operating system. So was helping him for that. Installed remastersis and read its working. Also installed gnome and compiz settings.

22 October’12 Monday :
Made a certificate for mera wala OS event in Gimp.

26 October’12 Friday :
Made a banner and an image in gimp.

27 October’12 Saturday :
Did some documentation of project.
Learnt about use of pointers in C++.

29 October’12 Monday :
Found that we can use the pre-made database into the new application through just one command and then build models.py file through it for future use. A very good one from django.
Today Rai sir returned from USA, so very much excited to meet him. He bought many stickers and flyers for each one of us. I got 4 named as : TYPO3, CGAL, GNU & Linux and E. These stickers are logo for organisations that participated in GSOC. So got to know about the organisations.
The TCC automation project was having some problem on experimental, so resolved all that.
Satinder asked me his problem about reports, however I could not solve that.

30 October’12 Tuesday :
Did a lot of web search on best online payment solutions which is required to be used in Ukieri concrete website. So explored a lot of online transaction services for the same. Among them some good ones were : Paypal, wepal, eventavenue, ebs. They were compared on the basis of security, there range . But found ebs as best one after comparison.
Today, I myself ran daman’s script. Its runnning fine.

31 October’12 Wednesday :
Added calculation logic for OHSR in suspence. ONe problem is there, payment choices are not stored in database. rying to solve it.

1 November’12 Thursday :
Bhagwant sir told that logic for calculation of soil for bc field work was not correct, so changed the calculation logic. Now its working fine.
Satinder is facing problem with the reports that uses formset for it. Tried a lot to understand and solve the problem but still its not solved.

3 November’12 Saturday :
Disussed with sir, how to do with performal bill in the project as the whole software is directed in a different direction. He told me to just do the same with performa, and the in order to make that as a job, update it and then save. So now am planning the things likewise to do the work.

5 November’12 Monday :
The normal user interface in which the user that is curently login and can register only himself and also can add his job is done, but the admin’s part is left. So planned all the things how to do that.
I don’t know what happened to my system. The ubuntu splash screen with purple screen keeps on loading. I tried a lot to sove it but due to bad internet at hostel could not solve the problem.

6 November’12 Tuesday :
Tried a lot of links to solve my problem as I did want to loose my OS. There was some problem with installation in exim4, solved that, but even that did not solved the problem. My system also showed less memory space. For the time being I booted my system in tty and then from there, went into the graphical screen using startx. So now working on that.
The admin module, that contains the power to admin to register and search a client and add job for that client is finally done. Relieved on doing that.

15 November’12 Thursday :
Made many changes in software which were creating problems and then pushed the code on github. Made some changes to search module too.

16 November’12 Friday :
Searched for the problem of satinder, i.e to create dynamic multiple forms. Found one link, tried its example and I found it very resembling to satinder’s problem. So I asked satinder to review the link and try it.
I myself tried upon my problem i.e editing the multiple forms in django. I found many links realted to it but nothing helped me in my problem till now.

17 November’12 Saturday :
I got to know how to edit the previously filled form but still don’t know how to do this with multiple forms. Rai sir told that after editing the performa bill form the values should go to some other table restoring the previously filled table. So how to do that as that will shake the whole structure of software.

18 November’12 Sunday :
Had a start on Inkscape. Made some designs in it.
Having some problems in applying validations to django forms.

19 November’12 Monday :
Done with the editing of multiple forms in project but that has affected the dynamic fields. I don’t know now, how to handle that. I also have to save these fields in new tables, that has put a difficult problem now.
I helped Daman with how to include create super user part in the script. And also helped Jaspreet with her Brochure.

20 November’12 Tuesday :
Searched a lot on how to make the forms dynamic in django forms itself, found some solution too but they did not satis my requirement. Want to add a more versatile search option in my software, so installed elastic search and configured it in my s/w, but with that s/w started to give problems, held this probem on pause and started with other urgent works to be done.

21 November’12 Wednesday :
Designed the CSS for Automation Software. This has made the software aesthetically beautiful. I made a base fiel and then included that file in all the other files. Got to learn many things about CSS. Hope it will be liked by all.
Listened webinar on Qt. I think it will revutionalize much more in comming years.
Helped Satinder with his problem regarding generation of dynamic forms in report making.

22 November’12 Thursday :
Pushed the whole cleaned up code with new CSS on Github. I wanted to run the software till now on TCC software, so I and Daman made Daman’s installation script to run on server to install, but due to the version issues of Dajngo and python, had to make some changes. Then after insallation, it again gave error. That was because we used the my database file on server and due to version problem, it could not run and gave error “many values to unpack”. So we, still have to decide, whether we should install later version of python and mysql or have fresh database.

22 November’12 Friday :
I have made a fresh database entries on TCC server and then it started working finr. I think this was problem with difference in Python and Djang version.
Now edited values of a form can be saved to some other table. But this required me create 2 differnet tables with same structure.

3 December12 Monday :
Asked Kiran mam and Bhagwant sir to test the software. There were some error so solved them.
Making Suspence Clearance register.

4 December12 Tuesday :
Made Suspence clearance register, gov/pri register.
Rai sir told to combine all the TCC related softwares, so have to do that all.

5 December12 Wednesday :

Done with tada form and bill generation.
There was also the discussion of Karamvir’s and satinder’s work. Satinder had some problem with his saving the dynamic forms.

6 December12 Thursday :
Had great fun today with foreign keys and retrieving values using them.
Now search feature is more refined. One can filter more specifically.
After searching one can get the previos works done and see whether they are cleared or not.


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