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NTFS mount issue in Ubuntu

I have dual boot system with Ubuntu 14.04 and windows 8. All my executions and work is carried out in ubuntu end, so the drives of the windows act as the storage for all my static files.Today I wanted to access my files on the windows drive from ubuntu end, but I got the error … Continue reading

Bluetooth error in Ubuntu

I am happily using ubuntu 12.10 on my system but lately I got to know that I am unable to send the files from my system to any phone or any other system. When trying the same I get following error. Luckily I got a solution and managed to do my work. God bless command … Continue reading

Updating the Git Repository

First of all go into the project folder in your system. Like in my system, I do : $ cd Automation Then apply these commands : git add . git push origin master git commit -a -m “Your message here” These commands will successfully update your repository.


Free and Open Source Softwares depict different meaning to all. Free to all, means that it is free of cost. For sure it is free, but most importantly it means “freedom to speak”, that means you are free to explore it, develop it, configure it or distribute it, irrespective of¬†proprietary softwares.¬† Open Source to some … Continue reading

Some Useful terminal commands

Playing Video through terminal command. Select any of the player you have. I have tried with mplayer and vlc. If you don’t have just install it using ubuntu Software center. Then go to the folder which contain your videos or songs. And run following command : mplayer a.flv or for vlc player vlc a.flv Command … Continue reading

Uploading the project on sarovar using CVS

CVS treats collections of files as single units, making it easy to work on large projects and permitting multiple users to work on the same file. CVS also provides valuable self-documenting features for its utilities. So recently I needed to upload my project on Sarovar using CVS. The steps I followed to upload the project … Continue reading

Making Certificate in Gimp

Making Certificate in Gimp is very easy. You just need to follow all the steps given below and you are done. For this you just need to have an image editing tool, named Gimp. If you don’t have it in your system, just install it with the issuing following command on terminal : sudo apt-get … Continue reading

How can we do Shell Scripting

A shell script is a file that contains commands that shell can execute. he commands in the shell script can be any commands you can enter in response to a shell prompt. Let me explain you how to do shell scripting with some examples : First of all create a new file with extension .sh … Continue reading