Do you feel that you have lack of confidence, skills, unable to do hardwork and inefficient use of your potential?
Only solution to it is join Dr. H.S Rai
Dr. H.S. Rai is one who believe that his students should work independently without any spoonfeeding. That is what make him different from others.He just guide his students,leaving them on technical path to be good engineers. After joining TCC with Dr. H.S Rai as my mentor, I do believe that I am now walking on technical path in real sense. FIRST DAY at TCC was  very scary, as there were all technocrats around and I  was feeling myself as a dumbo there. Then our mentor, Dr. H.S Rai sir gave us our projects (I am given project on automation) that made us all panic,as these projects were very new to us. But as days are passing, we are getting familiar with our projects with some hard work and more of help from our seniors and mentor. With the blessings of Almighty and my parents,guidance of my mentor, help from seniors and lot much of hard work from my side,I believe that I would make my project a success. At last this is vote of thanks to our mentor,congrates to our seniors and best wishes to my colleagues for completing their projects.


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