Six Weeks Training

Place: Training & Consultancy Cell, Guru Nanak Dev Engg. College Ludhiana

Mentor: Dr. H.S. Rai(Dean Consultancy Cell)

Institutional Training


DAY 1 : 31 may 11

It is first day of my 6 weeks training when I joined TCC(Testing and Consultancy Cell) and worked under guidance of Dr. H.S Rai sir.

We are given different projects by sir on which we have to work on.I am given project on “Automation” which is based on Django.We got guidance from our seniors as well.Today I worked on:

  • learned to work in shell
  • installation of ubuntu 11.04
  • installation of Python 2.7
  • installation of Django 1.3
  • read first module of Django

DAY 2 : 1 june 11

Day started by learning lessons on Python and then went on by

  • installation of LATEX
  • installation of LAMP
  • worked on tutorials of Django

DAY 3 : 2 june 11

I did installation of tasksel and then configured phpmyadmin.

  • it enabled me to open localhost/phpmyadmin
  • then I accessed http://localhost/tcc
  • started studying office files from tcc folder
Also we attended the seminar of doxygen and freecad given by Mr.Parveen and Mr. Vikas.The seminar truely was very informative.
DAY 4 : 3 june 11
  •     Today I generated pdf files using LATEX and created table in it.
  •     Malhi sir helped us a lot in configuration of apache2 and mysql with django.
  •     Then he made us to understand an application on django.
DAY 5 : 4 june 11
  •     Started to make an application on poll.
  •     Our servers were made and then we were asked to work on it.
  •     Learned to work on our servers.
DAY 6 : 5 june 11
  •   Did mapping of jalalabad-my home town,with the help of GPS device which was issued to me by Rai sir.
  •   Soon will do required installations to do work on it.
  •   Purchased new Dell laptop.
DAY 7 : 6 june 11
  • Returned back from jalalabad and tried to install ubuntu in my laptop.
  • We got rejected after many unfruitful attempts.
  • It was that day when we were 5 people who couldn’t install ubuntu on our laptops.
DAY 8 : 7 june 11
  • I was install ubuntu on may laptop within few minutes by a link sent by Rai sir.
  • Davinder sir taught us how to make ssh file and its execution.
  • Installed Django,python,LaTex,Lamp on my laptop.
DAY 9 : 8 june 11
  • Reviewed what all things we did in this week.
  • learned how to run an application with many commands with a single run by making it a document file first and then running it altogether.
  • learned how to edit images to .eps using Gimp editor
  • Prepared for presentation
DAY 10 : 9 june 11
  • Gave presentation on django.
  • Attended the presentation by colleagues on free-cad,sage,wt.
  • Got to many new things like using blender etc.
DAY 11 : 10 june 11
  • Got work on detecting whether the given .pdf or ps file has RGB or CMYK color pattern,but were unsuccessful to do so.
  • Installed corel draw in windows
  • learned some lessons on HTML.
DAY 12 : 11 june 11
  • Last step of polls application halted all the work.
  • It showed the error “Template DoesNotExist at /polls/.
DAY 14 : 13 june 11
  • Rai sir solved my problem relating to poll application.
  • Get tracked into an error at the end of application,thus whole day went into trash.
DAY 15 : 14 june 11
  • Great day,as I completed my polls application.
  • read some tutorials on python.
  • started a new application.
DAY 16 : 15 june 11
  • Learned more about python but with no gains
  • Got work on making script for polls application
DAY 17 :16 june 11
  • worked on making script
  • got problem in script as it showed error relating to not running python commands in bash script.
DAY 18 : 17 june 11
  • Got to know about josm
  • Still hanged up on polls script problem
DAY 20 :19 june 11
  • Organized ‘Hack the Map’ event.
  • Got to know how to do open street mapping
  • Completed polls script
DAY 21 :  20 june 11
  • Did mapping of my home city.
  • Got problem in importing data into the gimp as the files I was importing were in cvs format and that need to be converted into gpx format.
  • Successfully imported data and then upgrated the map in
  • You can also view it in maps of and ten searching for jalalabad dist. ferozpur.
DAY 22 : 21 june 11
  • Installed the software of TCC.
  • Edited my map.
DAY 23 :22 june 11
  • Got presentation on latex presentation from Bhavneet sir.
  • Also got presentation on css and ssh accessing
  • got problem as the polls application is not accessible through local host directly as it is not configured with apache
DAY 24 : 23  june 11
  • Got souvenir installed on my laptop.
  • Started making anew application in django.
DAY 25 : 24 june 11
  • Got TCC automation project installed on my laptop.
  • Installed polls application on ravinder’s laptop with my script.
DAY 26 : 25 june 11
  • Created an account on github.
  • learned how to use it and its purpose.
  • Started studying about tcc automation project.
DAY 28 : 27 june 11
  • Made an account on dropbox and also installed it on my laptop
  • Made changes in tcc project
DAY 29 : 28 june 11
  • Made documentation on polls application
  • made the google Doc “documentation of polls”
  • learned how to use GNDEC sms-service
  • Got this service installed on my laptop
DAY 30 : 29 june 11
  • Studied the files of TCC automation project
DAY 31 : 30 june 11
  • Studied about beamer
  • Made a presentation on beamer

DAY 32 : 1 july 11

  • Got to know many new things like  freecad, sage,and witty.
  • Attended presentation
DAY 33 : 2 july 11
  • Myself gave presentation on my progress in project. Described about the working of TCC project and my work on OSM.
  • Got a lot of work regarding changes to be done in the software like giving different permissions to different staff, making login for software and many more things.
DAY 34 : 3 july 2011
  • Sunday

DAY 35 : 5 july 2011

  • work on the TCC software.
DAY 36 : 6 july 2011
  • Started creating form on django by taking the reference of Souvenir files.
DAY 37 : 7 july 2011
  • Studied the souvenir files.
  • Got problem having the image on the index page of my form.
DAY 38 : 8 july 2011
  • Problem solved and image got displayed on index page as the image was to be placed in the media folder on python path.
  • Now moved on to next on giving personal detail to the database.
DAY 39 : 9 july 2011
  • read in brief about CVS.
  • Facing problems in the login form.
  • NAME ERROR- problem in file.
  • this error was solved. Solution – import file in file.
DAY 40 : 10 july 2011
  • Sunday
DAY 41 : 11 july 2011
  • Form completed but left me with lot full of confusion.
  • Started learning the admin file and changes to be done on it.
DAY 42 : 12 july 2011
  • started work on the souvenir.
  • Got to learn many new things by working on it like how to make bash script by just having the history of terminal.
  • Got to know about the script of imposition of souvenir.
DAY 43 : 13 july 2011
  • learnt about the latex.
  • Made many calculations to make crop marks on the the front, back pages. And to do imposition on these pages.
  DAY 44 : 14 july 2011
  • Got to know about the working on adobe distiller and its functionality.
  • Converted the cover pages of souvenir to cmyk pdf by importing them in distiller, changing its settings to cmyk and then checking it in coral draw.
DAY 45 : 15 july 2011
  • Made the django tables in admin by including the classes of the tables in
  • Started working on ‘Daily report’ module in the software.
  • Made Presentation .

DAY 46 : 16 july 2011

  • Gave presentation demonstrating my working on admin part.
  • Got to know about database creation and then sending the database query in witty
DAY 47 : 17 july 2011
  • Sunday
DAY 48 : 18 july 2011
  • Made changes in view, urls, forms, index.html files and also created dailyreport.html to include Daily Report module in TCC sofware.
  • Its functionality was only limited to 1 day report. But I was asked to do extend it to no. of days asked.
  • So started working on it.
DAY 49 : 19 july 2011
  • Made th e change in daily report as demanded but still it has drawback that it also takes the invalid days as input.
  • Work on CVS.
DAY 50 : 20 july 2011
  • Learn how to add a calendar in the form.
  • Implement calendar in TCC software. Add calendar in TCC  software where we have to fill the date.
DAY 51 : 21 july 2011
  • Started making labs module in the software that displays all the lab choices and also all the working and amounts under it
  • Made changes in index and url files to display this option and was succesful in it.
DAY 52 : 22 july 2011
  • Unable to retrieve data of particular lab form database.
  • Problem with views file.
DAY 53 : 23 july 2011
  • Learned  to upload  files using CVS on
  • Also uploaded my changed files of software on
DAY 54 : 24 july 2011
DAY 55 : 25 july 2011
  • Got responsibility of working on the software in practical.
  • I was asked to register the clients and then make their report and print out bill and receipt.
  • Got to learn a lot as this made me understand the software more: about its pros and cones.
  • Got to experience the office environment.
DAY 5626 july 2011
  • Learnt to work on printer.
  • Installed TCC software on experimental and updated it with the new changes made by me.
DAY 57 : 27 july 2011
  • Started making login for TCC automation software.
  • This left me confused with a lot of coding.
DAY 58 : 28 july 2011
  • Downloaded and placed login registration folder in TCC folder.
  • Made changes in urls, base and index file to include it in software.
  • Login, logout and register was displayed but there occured error in submitting it.
DAY 59 : 29 july 2011
  • Error solved, I am able to login but still unable to get the desired output.
  • Made final presentation for 6 weeks training.
DAY 60 : 30 july 2011
  • Day of presenation.

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