What is passion?

I am feeling so heavy now. Made a call to  my father, but he is busy 😦 . So thought to pen down how I am feeling. Hope it helps.

From past few days, I am running from myself or say my work. Involving myself in other activities to lighten myself and to calm my mind. Today’s conversation with GD members was awesome. Many there believed that we should have a passion and thus should have enough passion to fulfill that passion.

Its 7:20 PM now, and from past half an hour, I am thinking whats my passion, means what is that thought that drove me crazy and I am passionate to just have it. Then my mind flew back to past. In 12th, I was mad about getting excellent marks in my boards. The reason behind that was to make my dear and closed ones feel proud on me. That madness fetched me good marks and I stood 1st in my city. And now again, when I think about that madness, it is still instilled there. I still want that my parents, teachers, friends and all my dear ones feel so much proud on me. However, now I have risen above the madness of just getting marks :-P. I want that whatever I do today, it should be just up to mark and I to be the first one to reach that mark. I feel just so heavy when I think I won’t be able to do this

Now I don’t understand what is this. Is it my passion? If yes, how can it be my passion? If not passion, what is it? …………………… 😐


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